Creamy Tomato & Chipotle infused Hummas, & Avocado Mayo!


With all the spare time on my hands, I have be throwing myself into the kitchen as much as I can.  In case you’re wondering I love love LOVE food and creating new recipes and such.  One thing I’m not so good at, however, is photographing them and making an actual recipe.  I don’t often accurately measure things, I’m more of an eyeball-it-and-fix-it-according-to-taste-test.  & these two condiments are no exception, I actually made them about a week ago, and have been meaning to post about it but haven’t due to shitty photos and lack of recipe.  But I’ll try.

For the hummas, I soaked, rinsed and boiled my chickpeas.  

Here is most of what I used (I kept discovering more food items later…)




– 1 cup cooked chickpeas

– 1 T tahini

– 4-6 T vinegar

– 1 tomato

– 1 chilli (no measurement here, purely depending on your level of spice)

– 1 glove garlic

– 1/3 large red onion

– Coconut milk (enough depending on desired texture

– 5 – 8 T chipotle spice (again, depending on how spice you like!

Method:  Pretty much blend it all up!  Keeps for a good amount of time also! So yum!


And here’s a pictorial of the finished avo mayo!



– 1 whole egg

– 2 T vinegar

– 2/3 C extra virgin olive oil

– 1 avocado


In a food processor, mix the egg with the vinegar, then slowly add in the oil with the processor still going, make sure the oil is entering in a thin constant stream.  Add in the avo! Yum!!!!

I think I added more vinegar than this by mistake, but it turned out good! I ❤ things with a bit of a bite!

Note: I may have referred to myself as ‘vegan’ before, so I apologize for the false label. I keep a mostly vegan diet (I eat no meat and dairy, but DO eat eggs (only from my chickens tho… #eggsnob) and honey.




The Best Green Smoothie EVER


So a couple a days ago I mentioned I made the yummiest smoothie for breakfast as part of my detox.  Well I’ve made it every morning since.  It’s sooooooo good!  As a healthy food lover, I have made thousands of different kinds of green smoothies in my time, but this one is defo up there.

I also nerver skimp on taste.  I am a foodie yano, so why bother eating food thats not yummy? Lifes far too short!



– 1 large handful of greens (I use a mixture of Kale and Spinach)

– 1 frozen banana

– 1 heaping t of natural, raw honey

– 2 t of peanut butter

– Coconut water


Do I really need to say how to make a smoothie? I don’t think so… anyways I think the two stand out ingredients for me are the coconut water and honey, never tried either in a smoothie before!  They take it to a whole new level!  I used about a third of this bottle (which is 473mL) and its mango flavoured (still haven’t gotten used to unflavoured coconut water yet).  I didn’t put a measure for how much, as some people like theirs runny while some thick, so experiment! 


Please try this smoothie, I PROMISE you’ll love it!

Detox Dessert


Funny how I had my first blog post in over 4 months today and now I’m going in for a second one.  I couldn’t resist. sorrynotsorry.

But anywho, as today was my first day eating in a few days (and the days leading up to that weren’t proper either, think: birthday, alcohol (<–bain of my life), hangover, etc etc., I was craving something with texture and flavour.  So I whipped up something magical that literally took 5 minutes to prepare, was muy delicimo. 

Chocolate Chia Mousse


The photo really isn’t much to go by, its just on my iPhone, the sun was setting…  blah blah blah excuses for days.

But. Onto helping you make this treasure,

Ingredients :

– 1 heaved t of cocoa 

– 2 t natural raw honey

– 1.5(ish) t of raw, oil free, salt free peanut butter

– 2 T coconut water (I used a mango flavour)

– 2 T chia seeds.


– Combine first 4 ingredients together to make a smooth, creamy paste.

– Add in chia seeds and combine

– Place in fridge for at least 30 minutes

viola, enjoy! THAT easy and delish. So good. go make yoself some now! (and yes I did add about 1/2t of oats…)



Where have you been all my life?


Probably the worst thing to do when you are trying to start up a blog is to not post anything for 4 and a half months.  Which is what I did. Whopsies.

So, I apologize deeply for that.

I am a ski bunny and this winter season I did my first full-time season working up a ski field.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  But holy moly, bloody time consuming and exhausting – totally worth it none-the-less.  I worked in the ski school department, as a kids club ‘keeper’ and instructor.  5 days a week.  Doesn’t sound tooooooo bad does it?  Add on top of that training in the weekends, part-time study, a social life and trying to keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  Ya ya ya life is unfair.

I’ll confess, there were times when my diet slipped, when I didn’t have time to exercise, and when I just wanted to stay under the blankets for the day.  My immune system was shot this winter, I got two bad colds which lingered and after a day spent skiing the last thing I wanted to do was exercise.  So they whole winter all I craved was a sleep in, regular exercise and a detox.

Which basically brings me to the present.  I have just completed a 3-day juice cleanse, and today I began until raw meals.  Tomorrow I’ll probably do the same, then slowly bring in cooked foods / legumes / grains and eggs.  This is all in effort to cleanse all the bad shit out of my body and ramp up my immune system.

It desperately needs it.  I’m going back to winter for another 5 months in 5 weeks so I’ve got a lot of time up my sleeve.  And this winter, which I’ll be spending in Lake Tahoe city, I do plan on trying to blog regularly.

As for now, I have a few exciting posts planned.  And I did make them yummiest breakfast smoothie this morning 😛






Another breakfast post.  I think breakfast may also be my favourite meal lately.

Something else I like to have occasionally are protein pancakes.  Oh yeah, what better way to start my day with some yummmmmmmm and good for you protein? This recipe is inspired by the Tone It Up recipe, (check out their story (but I tweaked it as it called for tofu, wtf tofu in pancakes? gross).

This is how I make ’em:



  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • 1 egg
  • 2t almond milk
  • 1t ground linseed
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

Mix all these ingredients together, and pour onto a well heated greased pan (I use coconut oil).  The trick here is to heat the pan while mixing them, and then lower the heat so its not too hot, as these pancakes can easily fall apart if they’re cooked too fast/slow.  More on the slower side is best.

I made 1 big one and 1 small one, and served with some peanut butter and agave mixed over the hot pan: (and coffee – my love)



So yum.  I didn’t work out this morning and these kept me full for 4-5 hours, so that was choice as.

These are also good for pudding too 🙂



Hot Quinoa Breakfast



My favourite season of all.  But with that comes cold, fresh mornings that nip at my toenails when I force myself out of bed.  

Why get out of bed? Breakfast ain’t gon’ cook itself yo.

And lately, most mornings I’ve been enjoying some quinoa.  Wierd? I thought so too, but I’ll share with ya my super scrummy way of making it..



(btw, this photo is when I hadn’t quite got the liquid ratio dooooown).

This is so easy to make:

  • 1/4C uncooked quinoa
  • 1C boiling water
  • 1t chia seeds
  • 1T coconut cream
  • 3T almond milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1T nuts of your choice
  • Cinammon

Basically I just chuck the quinoa, chia and water in a pot and let it simmer away for 15ish minutes.  Then I add the banana, give it a stir, then add the coconut cream and almond milk, turn the heat down and make a coffee. (gotz to have my caffiene fix ;)).  By the time my coffees made, its all ready! I just transfer it to a bowl, and add whatever nuts I’m feeling that day, with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

SOOO good.  And believe me, the first time I tried it, I wasn’t so sure, so I made a scrumptuous reciepe.  You can change/alter the ingreds. to your preference, my mum thinks I’m cray measuring out my coconut cream.  Honestly I’m still warming my taste buds up to coconut, never really liked it.  Just wanted me some creamyness.





No, you’re eyes aren’t lying.  You just read somewhat taboo word, veganism.  I though it was about time I wrote a wee post about my passion for the way I eat.  I keep my diet at all times, to be roughly a 90% vegan.  90% vegan — dafaq? Yeah it’s a thing.  Read on beetches.

Reason for this blog post goes to Whitney Lauritsen – an active socialite in the online world and her latest YouTube video celebrating her 10years of vegetarianism.  Check it:

My journey: part one

Basically I owe it to becoming fat in my first year of University.  Between late February and early May of 2010 I put on 15kgs.  I ballooned.  To be fair, I was roughly 3-5kgs underweight initially so it wasn’t all bad.  However what those extra kilos came from was – yes alcohol, toast, McDonals, multiple dinners, lollies in lectures.  You name it, I definitely ate it.  Plus I stopped exercising.  For my second semester I told myself I would stop this, so I began exercising a little (think: 2-3 light gym sessions a week) and learnt to stop myself after one dinner and one ‘toast break’ a day.  I’m not sure if I lost any weight here, but I defo stopped gaining.  

Fast forward to October the next year (2011) and I had cleaned up my diet considerably, ramped up my exercise and even completed a half marathon, 2 minutes over the 2hr mark. I had toned up, gained a bit of muscle and was roughly 5kg lighter.  However, I wasn’t completely satisfied.

I can’t remember what led me to it, but I purchased the notorious ‘Skinny bitch’ diet book.  I bought it because I was determined to become one, and needed to know why I still had rolls of cheese fat surrounding my stomach and thighs.  Although to my dismay, I had no idea its main idea was veganism.  


It took me weeks to bring myself to read the dairy and meat chapters, as I could not bear tot think about life without them.  I was addicted to cheese, ice cream, butter – you name it.  Started my day off with bacon even, so I thought nooooo way. 

Then I started doing some research on it before deciding to read it.  That did spark an interest and I started wondering whether I should try it… so I bough Alicia Silverstones book ‘The Kind Life’.

I started on my somewhat veganism journey on the 20th October 2011, the day after my birthday (so I could eat dairy-laden treat fyi).  I didn’t tell anyone.  Not even my flatmates.  Just said I was ‘experimenting’ cooking with tofu and eating dark chocolate (as it was dairy-free).  I also hid in my room proclaiming I was ‘studying’ when in fact I was youtubing the fuck out of veganism and if I could really do it.  I must’ve watched about 1000 videos.  Randomly, I also discovered JennaMarbles during this time, as she had a video on her vegan diet.  But I also discovered Eco-Vegan Gal – Whitney (as mentioned above) and loved her videos!  Dispite much of the content being somewhat irrelevant to me being all over the other side of the world, she (unknowingly) inspired to and reaffirmed me that this was possible and I fantastic thing I was doing for myself and my body.

A few weeks later I went home for an early family christmas (long story..) and took my ‘The Kind Life’ book with me, as it had just arrived.  Determined to read it all over the weekend and without my family knowing – I still hadn’t told anyone.. then my mum found it. And funnily, she had heard about this book and was wanting it! BOOM! So we discussed for hours over the next few days. So wierd. Then my mum decided to try it out, although she wasn’t as sure and as ‘knowledgeable’ about everything at this point.

In this first week I lost 6kgs.. through my ass.  Yup I went there – all the built up sicky dairy and meat products didn’t feel welcome anymore.  And I started to feel great…

and never looked back since