Creamy Tomato & Chipotle infused Hummas, & Avocado Mayo!


With all the spare time on my hands, I have be throwing myself into the kitchen as much as I can.  In case you’re wondering I love love LOVE food and creating new recipes and such.  One thing I’m not so good at, however, is photographing them and making an actual recipe.  I don’t often accurately measure things, I’m more of an eyeball-it-and-fix-it-according-to-taste-test.  & these two condiments are no exception, I actually made them about a week ago, and have been meaning to post about it but haven’t due to shitty photos and lack of recipe.  But I’ll try.

For the hummas, I soaked, rinsed and boiled my chickpeas.  

Here is most of what I used (I kept discovering more food items later…)




– 1 cup cooked chickpeas

– 1 T tahini

– 4-6 T vinegar

– 1 tomato

– 1 chilli (no measurement here, purely depending on your level of spice)

– 1 glove garlic

– 1/3 large red onion

– Coconut milk (enough depending on desired texture

– 5 – 8 T chipotle spice (again, depending on how spice you like!

Method:  Pretty much blend it all up!  Keeps for a good amount of time also! So yum!


And here’s a pictorial of the finished avo mayo!



– 1 whole egg

– 2 T vinegar

– 2/3 C extra virgin olive oil

– 1 avocado


In a food processor, mix the egg with the vinegar, then slowly add in the oil with the processor still going, make sure the oil is entering in a thin constant stream.  Add in the avo! Yum!!!!

I think I added more vinegar than this by mistake, but it turned out good! I ❤ things with a bit of a bite!

Note: I may have referred to myself as ‘vegan’ before, so I apologize for the false label. I keep a mostly vegan diet (I eat no meat and dairy, but DO eat eggs (only from my chickens tho… #eggsnob) and honey.




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